Hacker Whos

Hide usernames on Hacker News to reduce bias and increase curiosity.
Hacker Whos hides every username on Hacker News as the ultimate way to emphasize the content over the user account.

Given that the express goal of Hacker News is to optimize for curiosity, usernames can (possibly) remove the focus from the content, and instead lead to competition, bias, and distraction.

Instead, we like to pretend that every account is a close friend.
Install the Chrome Extension


Does this actually do anything?
It ultimately depends on you. If you find that you're regularly distracted by "who" the user is, instead of "what" the user is writing about, this might come in handy.

What if I want to do this without the extension, or on a different web browser?
This mod was actually inspired because I manually hide usernames using an adblocker/element zapper (ublock origin in this case). This is another easy way to solve the problem.


Alternatively, check out Hacker News Lite for an extremely simplified version of HN, or HN Mods for a larger list of tools to improve your HN browsing experience.